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Setting Up Your Presenters for Success

Are you getting ready for an important presentation or event? Whether it’s a corporate meeting, a live broadcast, or a virtual conference, ensuring your presenters feel confident and deliver their message effectively is crucial. One way to support your presenters is by leveraging teleprompters and confidence monitors strategically. Here are some tips to help you set up your presenters for success:

Preparation is Key

Ensure your presenters have enough time before the event to get comfortable with the teleprompter and confidence monitor. Encourage them to rehearse using these tools to boost their confidence and improve their delivery.

Personalize the Script

Adapt the content shown on the teleprompter to suit the presenter’s unique way of speaking and preferences. Steer clear of complicated terms or industry jargon that could cause confusion, and make sure the text is structured for smooth reading, including suitable pauses and breaks.

One Last Thing

Lastly, in addition to your AV partner, you should also use your venue contacts as a knowledge resource. Generally speaking, they will know their space the best, and you may even find that the best design for your event can be drawn from their past experiences. Many will recommend the most common setup and orientation that they’ve seen within their space; and who could blame them? There are fewer surprises and challenges which makes their jobs the easiest. But if you ask the questions, you may find some inspiration at the very least with your event venues.

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