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vIn 2021, planning professionals understand that including a virtual element in your next in-person event will provide increased value and engagement to your varied attendees. However, to effectively manage all technical components into a hybrid package, it is essential to pair with an AV partner.

Onsite Support For A Hybrid Event

Integration of Virtual and Live Spaces

Combining virtual attendees with an in-person panel can elevate the hybrid event experience by creating meaningful engagement. Consider providing a mosaic of virtual attendees across an LED projection screen, allowing guests to inquire and interact with your presenters in real-time.

*Consider creating a custom set design to the exact specifications required for your production. A state-of-the-art production studio from Quest Audio Visual will allow you to broadcast your hybrid event against a versatile background that uses 2.6mm ROE Diamond LED panelsd&b V-Series line array speakersLED & intelligent lighting.

Set Design

Ensuring proper COVID-19 safety protocol with comprehensive health and safety measures along with thoughtful set design is a vital aspect to hosting any sort of event. With restrictions, guidelines and mandates changing weekly, keep abreast of the evolving landscape with a layout that compliments the need for proper spacing while looking fresh and inviting.

Content Management

Hybrid events provide excellent branding and marketing opportunities and the ability for topics and messaging to reach a wider audience than traditional, in-person affairs. And given that information can be shared across multiple channels, it’s essential to design your content as a slick and seamless presentation.

Keep note that providing unified graphics for in room screens as well as virtual content packages will offer branding continuity. Partnering with an A/V company will offer expertise creating a professional and polished look that is fully customizable to your specifications.

Virtual Support For A Hybrid Event 

Streaming Stations

Delivering your content via a live stream simultaneously across multiple channels is an excellent way to engage your attendees and core demographic. Having access to high-quality cameras and encoders that enable live streams, and tech support to maintain the integrity of your steam is vital for a smooth integration.

Virtual Trade Booths

Virtual venues offer a multitude of benefits, ranging from convenience to budgetary factors. Also, irtual trade show booths allow vendors to collect data and sales leads while addressing consumer inquiries instantaneously.

Virtual trade booths can be set up individually or centralized with specific time slots for each exhibitor to present to a virtual audience.

Pop-up Studios 

Whether you are producing a festive occasion or a corporate affair, it is essential to include leadership roles to introduce and guide attendees through your programming. With hybrid events, a portion of these elements will present in a virtual form. Incorporating a virtual pop-up studio into your hybrid production will allow you to assign virtual hosts for your breakout rooms as well as MCs who can address your virtual attendees.

Integration and Onboarding of Remote Presenters​

Knowledgeable and entertaining speakers add a dynamic component to any occasion. While preparation is always essential for a seamless presentation, speaker integration will involve more technical and intricate aspects during hybrid events.

Why fumble through the process when you can rely on A/V partner to assist in the remote onboarding of your featured presenters? In addition to providing a smooth live stream, they will work with your speakers to offer software support and pre-event equipment testing so that your panel will look and sound its best.

Contact Quest Audio Visual for Your Next Hybrid Event

Navigating through the technicalities of hybrid designs can be tricky, and as an event producer, you have much to consider. By pairing with Quest Audio Visual, you will receive expert guidance to add professionalism and polish to your hybrid event.

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