Toronto, ON (April 29, 2020) Amidst the current global pandemic, governments across the world have recently implemented public social distancing measures in efforts to combat the spread of infectious diseases. Social distancing has become a necessary practice and a small sacrifice to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Branded vinyl floor decals can provide many benefits while also serving as a friendly reminder to your customers that it’s important to keep a safe distance from one another during these unprecedented times.

Benefits of Branded Social Distancing Vinyl Floor Decals 

Customer Awareness: During these unprecedented times, providing correct and useful information is essential, especially when out in public. Social distancing decals can be strategically placed throughout your place of business to ensure that customers are aware of the behaviour is expected from them, as well as any other required information you wish to communicate through the decals.

Anxiety Relief: Your customers are probably already on high alert watching for others who may be showing symptoms, making sure they don’t touch more surfaces than they absolutely must, ensuring they don’t touch their faces and a whole lot of other worries. Branded vinyl floor decals indicating safe distances can alleviate one anxiety by not only showing them the correct separation distance but showing it to everyone, creating a “social responsibility” that is easily seen and understood by all.

Communication Avenue: Not only can branded vinyl floor decals be used to practise and encourage social distancing measures but they also provide a great way for you to communicate with customers. They can be strategically placed to help with foot traffic and customer flow. Or even to communicate social media handles, promote a hashtag, recognize a charitable organization and much more.

Temporary (or even possibly permanent) Solution: We certainly don’t know how long this pandemic will last or how long social distancing measures will be in place. Branded social distancing vinyl floor decals are an excellent temporary solution or even a permanent solution for physical locations where practising and encouraging social distancing is crucial.

For many physical locations and places of work, it can sometimes be tough to avoid being in close proximity to other people. Places like grocery stores, banks, doctors offices and many other essential services. It’s at these locations that it’s most important to practise and promote social distancing measures.

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep your customers and employees safe by not only practising but encouraging social distancing.
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Branded vinyl floor decals examples
Branded vinyl floor decals examples

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