Product Launch


Toronto, ON


October, 2012



Production highlights

Event overview

Our client had a bold, expansive vision that demanded a flawless technical execution combined with brand-conscious creativity. Nike had in mind a large screen in which no conventional screen would fit, rather than compromise on the size and impact of the message we built our own custom-designed 20`x 60` widescreen projection. We used projection edge blending to precisely calibrate the HD projection in order to achieve a seamlessly combined and continuous image at all times.

In keeping with the theme of the evening, we reproduced the colours from the LED uplights on the Nike+ FuelBand (Red, Green, and Yellow) and bathed the walls in identical hues.  And rather than casting the colours in a static fashion, we created movement in the installation by syncing the lights to the tempo of the on-stage presentations.

The Nike+ FuelBand event was an exciting opportunity to not only raise awareness about a new product but also to successfully reinforce Nike’s position as a leader in the fitness and sporting goods market. Quest AV was more than happy to provide our friends at Nike with the same innovative spirit and brand-focused attention we aim to deliver to all of our clients.

Solutions provided

  • 18k Christie HD Projectors
  • Projection Blending
  • Custom 20’x60` Widescreen Projection Screens
  • Audio Reinforcement
  • LED & Intelligent Lighting
  • Power Distribution

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