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Luminato Festival


Product Launch


Toronto, Ontario


June, 2023



Production highlights

Event overview

Luminato Opening Party 

The 17th annual Luminato Festival in Toronto transforms the city with exceptional art in familiar and unexpected places.  The festival started the evening by welcoming Little Amal, then connected with fellow Luminato artists, supporters and friends at our Opening Party and experiencing the magic of transformation at the imminent culinary epicentre, Waterworks Food Hall.

Quest AV takes great pride in being one of the supporting sponsors for the opening party event that marks the beginning of the thrilling 2023 Luminato Festival in Toronto. Being involved in this event has been a truly exhilarating experience as we witness the enchanting transformation that unfolds at the renowned culinary hub, Waterworks Food Hall.

With our expertise in creative set design and unwavering commitment to flawless execution, our team had the privilege of providing exceptional technical support in lighting, sound, and audio equipment for live performances. As the performers took centre stage, we were captivated by the enchanting transformation that elevated them under the mesmerizing spotlights. The magic of this experience truly resonated with our team, leaving an indelible impression on all involved.

Event photo credits to: Wade Muir Photography


Solutions provided

  • Stage Design
  • Creative technology solutions
  • Event & show production
  • Creative light design
  • Audio Engineering Support
  • Project management
  • Set Up
  • Technical Live Production Support
Thanks to Quest AV for helping us transform the space and bringing our performances to life!

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