Journal Of Commerce




Mexico, Germany, China, USA


April, 2018



Production highlights

Event overview

Since August 2018, Quest AV has had the opportunity to partner with the Journal Of Commerce as their exclusive audio-visual supplier for their entire series of conferences and events. The event locations for their 2018 tour spanned across 4 countries and 3 different continents. With events taking place in Mexico City, Hamburg, Shenzhen, and multiple cities throughout the United States.

JOC Events are the must-attend conferences for international container shipping and logistics professionals in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond

The team at Quest AV worked closely with JOC key proponents to develop a design and program that not only elevates attendee experience but also provides additional digital sponsorship opportunities through strategic AV utilization.

In addition to providing complete event production services, including all equipment, labour, and exhibitor management support. Quest AV also provided a dedicated support team for each specific event to handle all pre and post-production deliverables as required. This included the services of an Account Manager, Project Manager, Content Manager and Show Manager who travelled with the tour.

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Solutions provided

  • LED Panels
  • Large Projection Screens
  • HD Projection
  • Audio Support & Recordings
  • LED & Intelligent Lighting
  • Wireless Camera Operators
  • Rigging
  • Custom Staging
  • Content Development
  • Project Management, Show Calling & Post Production Services

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