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Are you aware of preventative maintenance? Many organizations use audiovisual equipment on a day-to-day basis. Tasks like communicating with customers, working on open projects, and brainstorming for future directives, often require AV technology being in working order. Companies that regularly host live events face even more risk. From live streams to charity galas, their success tends to rely heavily on the use of AV equipment. If something goes wrong, malfunctions, or stops working, the event will come to a grinding halt, and a poor impression will be made upon your attendees.

Preventative maintenance may seem optional, and many choose to wait until there’s a problem to fix it. Without maintenance security, insurance, or a warranty, extensive repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Failure of the equipment can easily compromise your business image to your customers and cause frustration among your team members. Preventative maintenance can save the day, knocking out potential issues before they derail your budget and schedule.

Here are the benefits of performing preventive maintenance on your AV equipment before your next event:

Keep Your Schedule On Track

One of the benefits of carrying out preventive maintenance on your AV equipment is that you can easily plan and anticipate your maintenance check-up. Schedule your maintenance well in advance. This way, you can avoid emergency maintenance being performed immediately before or during the event, when you will need your AV equipment to be doing its task. Without your AV equipment, the whole presentation and schedule could come grinding to a halt. With preventative maintenance, it should all be smooth sailing.

Loss of Business

It’s frustrating enough when your audiovisual equipment stops working. When it is being used by (or in the presence of) customers or leads, a whole new layer of pain is added. Not only will the repair be costly, but it could also cost you business.

Imagine the following scenario: you’re hosting a large conference showcasing your new services to current and potential clients. Suddenly, the speakers turn to static, producing a loud and irritating noise. This avoidable situation will make it harder to convince your audience that you offer top-quality services.

Failing to perform preventive maintenance is a risk no one would wish to encounter when trying to maximize profits or grow your client base. Preventive maintenance is worth the cost when compared to the cost of losing customers. With the confidence that your AV equipment is in fighting shape, you can easily meet the expectations of your patron and build a positive image of your company.

Optimize System Performance

Almost all audiovisual equipment are made to operate in a certain way, and that has to be maintained. Software and hardware updates are an important aspect of preventive maintenance. Carrying out regular updates will help keep your AV equipment rentals working the way it was made to work.

Preventive maintenance will help you protect your assets and ensure that your equipment keeps functioning in the best conditions possible, potentially prolonging the life expectancy of the Audio Visual equipment.


Waiting for AV equipment to break is a costly mistake. Replacement or repair can be time-consuming and expensive. Malfunction and failure can strike at critical moments, compromising many aspects of your business. Preventative maintenance is not optional. It’s a necessity that could not only save your next event but could save your business.

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