Connie Cay-Santos, our Director of Engagement Strategy, had an exceptional experience attending FLIP the SWITCH, The Event 2.0. Check out the energetic video recap if you want a glimpse of the Event. We capture the essence of the recent gathering.

The Event E 2.0 focused on challenging the industry to rethink how we operate and plan event experiences.  This goal was accomplished through curated content and an impressive lineup of speakers across the three-day event. Firstly, fantastic delivery to all the speakers, and a huge thank you!  Most importantly, we congratulate the MPI Chapters from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa and all the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly to organize, execute and ensure the event’s success.

Now, let’s delve into Connie’s ten highlights from her recent participation in Ottawa at this year’s MPI The Event E 2.0.  
  1.  Firstly, her tip is to be fully present and actively participate in all the available sessions.  By immersing yourself in the event and understanding what your colleagues and clients experience, including the keynote presentations, you can truly engage and make the most of the event.
  2. As a protip, we highly advised checking the attendee list to identify who will be present.  Sharing this information on social media and arranging meetings can enhance engagement and make interactions more intentional.  Additionally, signing up for exceptional pre-arranged experiences can add a special touch to your event journey.
  3. An important aspect Connie gained was the emphasis on creating a safe environment. Also, actively contribute to a solution that fosters a sense of safety in our industry events.  If a problem is shared, pay attention and act carefully to find a solution to create safer experiences for your attendees.  She expresses gratitude to Tim Mousseau for his impactful opening keynote. Also, he shed light on toxic behaviours and their potential to isolate individuals.
  4. Connie also highlights the valuable insights she gained from Jason Marc Campbell’s session on “Selling with Love.” This talk reminded everyone that we are all sellers, and our products and services reflect who we are daily.  The key to successful selling with love lies in caring about your customers, understanding their needs, and genuinely caring about the solutions you offer.
  5. The session led by Ashlee Livingstone shared a valuable 5-step process on setting boundaries. This process helped attendees practice identifying priorities, setting boundaries, effectively communicating them, and holding themselves accountable to these standards. Also, the step is to evaluate your boundaries, as some priorities and boundaries may change over time.
  6. Tachelle Lawson‘s session on DEI Strategy provided a deeper understanding of the actions required beyond mere conversation to drive progress in an industry that demands a well-defined DEI strategy.  Leverage market research to understand your audience demographic, what is important to them, and how you, as a company or event professional, will curate an experience that will be thoughtful to their needs.
  7. David Usher’s presentation on creative thinking left a lasting impression on the audience. Through powerful examples, he showcased how technology drives exponential disruptions. Also, he urged everyone to challenge themselves to be more creative in finding human-centred ways to move forward. One tip he shared was to schedule 30 minutes daily for creative thinking. In addition, you must set time aside to practice any skills you need to acquire.
  8. Kawtar El Alaoui‘s session on “Listening at Multi Levels” provided valuable strategies to become better listeners and speakers. Most importantly, The tips shared helped attendees centre themselves and be more present in conversations.  In the practical exercise of being an active listener or speaker for 6 minutes, answering the questions. “What breaks your Heart?” and “What gives you life?” it’s a great way to truly understand the person you are creating a safe space to share deeply with.
  9. Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe‘s session on employer branding shed light on leveraging social media to craft a compelling brand story. Also, how to deliver an engaging experience through the involvement and value of internal employees. She shared how our employees/ team members say to others is more valuable to how clients and potential future employees will value you as a prospective employer.
  10. Lastly, Courtney Stanley’s impactful closing keynote reminded everyone that there is still much work to be done in creating safe spaces within the events industry.  Most importantly, it emphasized the importance of understanding our values. And, speaking up when things aren’t right. Owning our story starts with understanding our core values. Also, standing up to amply what we believe in and who we care about.

Overall, we are delighted to see Connie actively engaged with our professional event peers.  Whether you attended the Event E 2.0 in Ottawa or missed out, industry professionals can benefit by being present at such events. They can build on their engagement with industry peers. If you missed the opportunity to connect with Connie and our team, feel free to reach out and send us a direct message to join the conversation.

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