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Quest Audio Visual is Mississauga’s trusted provider of top-notch audio visual solutions. Our expert team delivers innovative experiences tailored to your needs. From concept to execution, we handle every aspect, ensuring your events are seamless and memorable.

Showcase Productions

Mississauga Audio Visual Production Services

Planning & Production

We engage with clients from planning to execution, conducting site visits and pre/post-event meetings for flawless management. Quest AV provides comprehensive show management for seamless on-site and remote experiences.


Our commitment extends to ensuring that the appropriate technical team is on-site to manage and execute the various aspects of your event. This includes set design, staging, technical staffing, and overseeing the audio visual components to guarantee a smooth and successful event.


To facilitate precise planning and execution, Quest AV provides detailed floor plans and, when necessary, CAD drawings that outline seating arrangements, stage placement, and all other key event components. We also offer 3D renderings (photo/video) to visualize the design and functionality of your event space, tailored to meet specific requirements.


Understanding the importance of thematic consistency and branding, Quest AV offers dedicated resources to assist in the development of content that aligns with your event’s unique theme and branding objectives.

AV Services we offer in Mississauga

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