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Hybrid events are curated event experiences designed and organized for both in-person and virtual attendees. Rather than two separate events, they are a singular event that delivers two connected experiences.

Hybrid events are the new, on-trend way of events for both speakers and their target audience. Whilst, not exactly a new thing, they are becoming more widespread as one of the best ways to reach a wide target audience at affordable costs. Using all perks of live streaming technology, hybrid events succeed in creating a totally different way to deliver information and gather lots of people simultaneously, regardless of travel or location.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about hybrid events. You’ll learn what hybrid events are, their benefits and read about the best examples.

What Exactly is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is a blending of a conventional event with a virtual event and its technologies so that participants can choose how they would like to attend. Such events deliver the same quality and calibre of learning and communication as traditional face-to-face conferences for a fraction of the cost. Leveraging the conference room experience, this multichannel conference experience is designed to deliver world-class learning and networking opportunities at your office or any other venue you choose. By choosing hybrid events, attendees can choose how they would like to attend a meeting: by dressing in their best suit and appearing in person or wearing their most comfortable pyjama and watching on their laptop or smartphone screens.

Hybrid Event Benefits

As it was mentioned, hybrid events are a hot topic in the event marketing industry. However, what makes people love them? Let’s see which benefits can hybrid events bring to their hosts:

Audience growth. The more people you reach – the more people discover your brand. The fact that these events combine key elements from various event types gives an excellent opportunity to satisfy every person expressing interest in the event.

Broad statistics. It’s really hard to keep an eye on what everybody is saying and at which moment of a conference a person leaves it. However, thanks to digital tools, in the case of hybrid events, it’s really easy to track audience behaviour: what they write in a chat, what questions they ask and when exactly they close their browser tab.

Cost. It’s not a secret that hybrid events help save costs for both hosts and attendees. In the case of hosts, they can create even more hype around the event, cutting the number of tickets for in-person attendance, thus booking a smaller conference hall and still leaving lots of tickets for online attending. Speaking about attendees, they can avoid buying expensive plane tickets to attend the event of their dreams taking place in another corner of the Earth.


As you can see, hybrid events are the “next big thing” in the world of events. It isn’t just an extension of the traditional conference, seminars or workshop. These events blend elements from all three of these areas, resulting in something new and exciting for attendees. What would be next – nobody knows, but we can say for sure that it’s not the final result!

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