PTZ Extreme is engineered with expansion and flexibility in mind. On the left side you will find a professional grade zoom rocker and thumb roller in machined aluminum. On the right side you get a world class Hall Effect joystick for precision movement. PTZ Extreme has a size large enough to leave you hand rest for hours of operation. The lower 12 keys are usually mapped to destination selection (camera) and all knobs and buttons beyond that are equipped with crisp OLED displays so their function and value will adapt to any day at work. This controller is designed for new ways of working with PTZ cameras as well as slider and dolly tracks on a complex broadcast set. It will increase in value over time as more and more robotic systems will be supported in UniSketch through new device. The graphical OLED displays support buttons, knobs and faders with dynamic labels. They combine large, bold labels with unprecedented levels of detail using titles, icons and scales to enrich the main content. They automatically draw information from the connected devices or you can type in your own labels or upload graphics. Found everywhere in many sizes and dimensions on SKAARHOJ controllers. One cable carries power and the signals for as many devices as you control. Your switcher, video router, recording deck, your cameras even. The future is IP, while legacy serial systems can typically be supported by end-point converters which is often more convenient anyway. And Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af) unclutters your desk nicely. RGB backlight and LED bars are not just impressive and soothing. It’s also super practical to colour code sections based on their assigned functionality. This provides the operator with instinctive clues which can be the critical difference between success and failure. Colours can be assigned manually and SKAARHOJ panels are dimmable.
  • 12V power supply
  • USB programming cable
  • Networking cable
  • UniSketch OS
  • Manuals and Software

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