Resolume Arena Media Server provides playback of media with multiple layers and effects to a single or multiple display destinations with the ability to video map, edge blend and wrap control. NewTek NDI Media Server Ready.

Resolume puts you in charge. You can play your videos when you want, how you want. Forwards, backwards, scratch and adjust tempo to the beat. Mix and match your visuals quickly and easily and play Resolume like an instrument.

Whatever your style is, Resolume offers you an easy interface to rock it. Use as little or as many videos and effects as you like. The only limit is your computer’s raw power and your imagination.

You can play on any amount of screens. From a simple screen behind the DJ in your local club to main stage at Ultra. As long as your computer can recognise it as an output, Resolume will let you use it.

Project video on any type of surface. Complex geometrical structures or whole buildings. Resolume does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on the important part: being creative.

With edge blending you can seamlessly project one beautiful widescreen image with two or more projectors. It can even wrap around for a full 360 degree experience.

With Arena you can take on any size mapping project. From projecting on DJ booths to cars, buildings and LED mappings on giant stages like Ultra.

  • Live Video Mixing
  • Intuitive Interface
  • From Your Local Club to Main Stage
  • Projection Mapping with Arena
  • Blend Projectors with Arena
  • Project on Cars, Buildings or Pumpkins
  • Live Composite & Effects
  • Real Time Rendering
  • Audio & Visual Plugins
  • Integrate With Other Apps

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