The 2 RU four channel D20 amplifier is ideally suited to mobile and installation applications which require low to medium Sound Pressure Level (SPL) capabilities. The D20 features the same Digital Signal Processing (DSP) platform as the latest generation of d&b amplifiers, containing configurations for all d&b loudspeakers except the J-Series and the M2 monitor, plus a linear mode.

  • INPUT ANALOG (A1 – A4):
    3 pin XLR female
  • ANALOG LINK (A1 – A4):
    3 pin XLR male
  • INPUT DIGITAL (D1/2, D3/4):
    3 pin XLR female AES 3
  • DIGITAL LINK (Output):
    3 pin XLR male
  • Sampling Digital AES/EBU:
    48 kHz/96 kHz
  • Speaker outputs A/B/C/D:
  • Mix TOP/SUB / 2-Way Active output A/B and C/D:
  • 4 Channel output:
  • CAN:
    2 x RJ 45 parallel
    2 x etherCON®, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Mains connector:

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