Monoblox® is the mobile projection screen choice of the world’s leading rental & staging companies. European manufacturing precision, best picture quality and 5 years of warranty. Simplify your way of projecting Have you ever thought of a large display that is lightweight, fits into a small carrying case, has no loose parts or cables and can be intuitively set up by a single person? Mobile projection screens are featuring easier handling, quicker setup, lower acquisition and operating costs and nevertheless a higher resolution image quality over fixed display solutions. Feedback from our customers and partners in combination with our passion for ultra-high precision development and manufacturing in Austria has brought Monoblox® to where it is today: The mobile projection screen reference. Monoblox® has revolutionized the world’s rental & staging industry from the first day but we will never stop improving our product.
  • Frame:
    High precision extruded aluminum profiles and snap joints define the skeleton of the projection screen. The entire frame block unfolds and the snap joints lock automatically. No parts can get lost and set up is intuitive. Our unique combination of in house development, sophisticated CNC machinery and handpicked materials as well as quality control enables us to achieve the least tolerances and the longest part life times on the market.
  • Surface:
    Have you ever seen a projection screen with virtually invisible snaps on the border? We have it! Our PVC surfaces can be stretched easily and attached to the frame with snaps. The surface has to be perfect mat, seamless and fit accurately to the projected image.
  • The New T-32 Shift:
    The truly revolutionary T-32 SHIFT screen system leg makes it possible for JUST ONE person to easily adjust a mobile projection screen‘s height. No extra measuring is needed to ensure the frame is level, due to a clearly marked height scale. The T-32 Shift can be combined with existing AV Stumpfl Monoblox32 and MonoClip32 screen systems.
  • Legs:
    We do offer different types of legs and other mounting options for our projection screens to perfectly meet our customer requirements. Our projection screen legs feature the same precision and life time like our frames. No surprise: They are made out of the same components using the same manufacturing techniques

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