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Now in a feature-packed new Chrome Edition, QU-16 reshapes digital mixing, combining innovative design and exceptional functionality to create a superb professional mixing experience. Bristling with all the features you’d expect from a top of the range digital console and incorporating technologies pioneered on the GLD and iLive digital mixing systems, Qu-16 has the power and pedigree to deliver class-leading audio performance.

  • One Channel / One Fader: QU-16 has a fader per mono input channel and fewer fader layers for simpler, quicker workflow.
  • Total Recall: True digital mixing is about being able to save and recall Scenes (snapshots) at the press of a button.
  • ProFactory Mic Presets: Allen & Heath has teamed up with leading microphone manufacturers and top engineers at Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Shure to provide EQ Library presets for a large number of popular and industry standard microphones.
  • Automatic Mic Mixer: (AMM) AMM is vital in applications such as conferences, meetings and panel discussions where a number of microphones are open at the same time.