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Effective Communication

When it comes to events, creating innovative event production solutions can be a challenging task for any experienced professional. Many variables must be considered, and robust checklists of details must be reviewed, coordinated, and communicated. We share our golden wish list of essential elements to create effective communication. Therefore, secure your collaborative success in making your event vision a reality.  

Golden Wish List of Essential Information:  

  • KPI & Smart Goals 
  • Event Vision and Experience Type (Virtual / Hybrid/ In-Person) 
  • Venue Space, Location, and Capacity 
  • Budget  
  • Event Dates/ Schedules / Logistics Program Flow  
  • Collaborative Partners and Stakeholders

KPI & Smart Goals 

All events have a set of key performance indicators that event planners and their stakeholders will use to measure the event’s success. Communicating your KPIs with your suppliers will ensure that recommendations and solutions are aligned and stay on track with your measurable goals. For example, your KPI requires sharing keynote content with accessible options for 1000 participants joining virtually. This vital information will lead your AV partner to recommend video recording or live-streaming options for your event production requirements and a virtual platform solution that can host 1000 participants to view online. 

Defined Event Type (Virtual / Hybrid/ In-Person) 

Share your goals and visions as it relates to the Event Type. We are in the burst of in-person events. We understand event planners still need event planners to create a more sustainable and accessible event experiences. These may require virtual and hybrid options. Share your plans and the event type. This will impact the recommendations on equipment or technology platform solutions needed to amplify your accessible and more sustainable goals. 


Venue Space, Location, and Capacity 

All locations and venue spaces create different opportunities for creating innovative experiences. When sourcing the ideal venue space, remember the vision, capacity, and event production space you need to produce your event experience. We highly recommend a coordinated site visit to include your AV Partner to walk through the event flow you envision. Therefore, help identify potential pain points and workarounds based on the architectural structures that a venue space may present.  We know the power of in-person site visits will significantly improve the visualization of your event vision and validate from the plans and compacity charts. A more accurate value is that you’ll also discover some surprises you will appreciate avoiding on the event day.


Be transparent with your event production budget plans. This is where effective communication is key. This will enable your supplier partners to provide recommendations within the scope of the budget. Above all, share your budget. In addition, your trusted AV partners will creatively provide solutions that work within it. We all know that the higher the budget, the more creative and high-tech the options you will have to choose from. We also know that presenting unrealistic options to a budget plan will defeat an effective event project plan as well. Kick-start your RFP experience by sharing your real budget, and your Trusted AV Partner will do their best to recommend and provide creative audio-visual solutions that will work. This also helps reduce the number of times you’ll have to go back and forth on a proposal.  


Event Details/ Schedules / Run of Show 

Event professionals are praised for their innate ability to pay close attention to and the coordination of the infinite details at play in producing flawless events.  There are many behind-the-scenes actions, team members, and moving parts. Here, it is vital to share early and have a communication cadence when effectively sharing the event details, schedules and Run of Show. In many cases, the Run of the Show will coordinate all the event details, technical support, and setup requirements to make the event production a reality. Share as much detail as possible throughout the planning process, as every change may have a domino effect over the other program elements.  

Other Partners and Stakeholders  

A large-scale event production often involves multiple stakeholders and supplier partners. It will be essential to share a list of the event partners and what they are responsible for during the event planning process and during the event production days. The different partners will need to understand who the various partners are so they can use effective communication, collaborate, and support each other with a focus on delivering a great event production experience for the client and their guests.

For example, AV companies must communicate with the venue conference team for live events regarding the setup, storage, access to the event spaces, and any labour policies in handling specific actions. For hybrid events, AV production companies must collaborate and share with the virtual platform team. This is to ensure that the streaming connection points are tested and working correctly. There may also need to be a coordinated technical rehearsal between the AV company, the virtual platform, and the speakers so that everyone knows what is happening, what they need to do, and how to do it.   

In summary, it is widely acknowledged that effective communication is crucial for successful partnerships and collaborations, particularly in Event Production. At Quest Audio Visual, a team of passionate technical event professionals with a strong reputation for building trust with clients. We consider communication to be the key to our success in flawlessly bringing event visions to reality. 

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