Dress Code

Appearance Standards

  • Clean-shaven and well-groomed appearance is required for men, with long hair tied back.
  • Crews responsible for setup, operation, and dismantling must wear all-black attire. Preferred attire includes a Quest Audio Visual golf shirt or a collared Quest Audio Visual dress shirt.
  • T-shirts of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Cargo pants are permitted only for installation and dismantling, paired with golf shirts.
  • Black jeans may be worn exclusively during setup and dismantling tasks. Jeans, regardless of colour, are not allowed during operational duties.
  • Casual sports shoes or runners are not permitted for any assignment. Safety shoes, which must be black, are mandatory during installation and dismantling calls.
  • Black steel-toed shoes are mandatory for setup and dismantling assignments.

General Attire Guidelines

  • T-shirts are not acceptable attire.
  • The recommended attire for installation and dismantling tasks includes a golf shirt and cargo pants.
  • During operational duties where a suit is not required, the suggested attire is a golf shirt paired with cotton pleated pants.
  • A dress shirt, cotton pleated pants, and tie are recommended for operational tasks where formal attire is requested.
  • A dress shirt, jacket, and tie should be worn when formal attire is specifically requested or instructed.
  • In certain venues and events, the client may require formal attire for installation, dismantling, and operational tasks. In such cases, the project manager and/or the labor coordinator will provide explicit instructions to the crew regarding the attire guidelines in advance.
  • Black jeans are permissible only during installation and dismantling activities, regardless of the event’s nature.
  • Maintaining a corporate appearance is essential, which includes keeping the shirt tucked in, ensuring a clean and well-maintained outfit, and presenting an overall neat and tidy appearance.

These guidelines are crucial in maintaining a professional and cohesive brand image across all client interactions. Thank you for your cooperation in upholding these standards.

Dress Code

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