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The events industry is a dynamic field with diverse talent. It thrives on individuals’ creativity, innovation, and expertise in various roles within Audio Visual Production. From event owners who manage the overall vision and budget to project managers who coordinate logistics and technical leads who oversee audio, visual, and lighting components, each role is crucial in bringing event visions to life. 

A diverse range of skills is needed to successfully navigate the ever-evolving events industry. From initiators who come up with fresh ideas to innovators who embrace new technologies. Additionally, creative thinkers who bring unique perspectives, team players who collaborate seamlessly, tech enthusiasts who stay updated with the latest advancements, and detail-oriented and client-focused individuals who ensure flawless every aspect.   

Let’s dive into our different roles and titles within the event production.

The Roles

Event owners, also known as event planners, are the driving force behind the initial planning process. Most importantly, they work closely with clients to understand and execute their vision within the budget and timeline.  

Account executives, with their technical expertise and event planning experience. They can build trusted client relationships by offering customized solutions during the RFP, quoting, and discovery process. 

The labour coordinator is critical in securing the best talent for event production operations. They work closely with account executives and the operations team to schedule project managers, technical support, delivery drivers, set up and crew members. Additionally, they, internally and through freelance agencies, ensure the seamless execution of the event. 

Project managers are the lead interface between the client and the technical event production team. They take overall responsibility for the event, coordinating logistics, managing resources, and ensuring smooth operations.  

Event producers, with their cross-functional responsibilities. They also manage the in-depth details of the event program. Most importantly, including rehearsal time and serving as a single point of contact for the event team, presenters, and executives. 

Technical directors oversee and provide directions to the audio, visual, and lighting crew members during the event setup and production. The audio lead, also known as the A1, is responsible for setting up and operating the audio system, including speaker placement, wireless microphone frequencies, and soundboard operation. Meanwhile, the video lead manages the visual components, including projection, presentation files, video playback, and web streaming. 

Camera operators, working closely with the technical director, capture the event on camera, ensuring that every moment is documented professionally.  

Lighting leads, or L1, play a crucial role in setting up and rigging the lighting system, ensuring the right ambience and spotlighted spaces for the audience. Also, they are part artists, riggers, and electricians, creating the perfect visual atmosphere for the event. 

The operations director plays a critical role in managing the logistics and inventory of event production equipment, ensuring that all required equipment is picked, inspected, and packed as per the event order and ready for delivery.  

The warehouse manager works closely with the operations director to ensure all equipment is safely inspected and secured. Therefore, they can prepare for upcoming events. 

What Do You Need For Your Next Event

Depending on the scale of the event production, different combinations of audio-visual roles collaborate and work fluidly together to ensure flawless execution. The creativity, innovation, and expertise of individuals in the events industry are the driving forces behind producing exciting events that leave a lasting impression on attendees. 

In conclusion, the events industry requires diverse roles in Audio Visual Production to bring event visions to life. With a team of initiators, innovators, creative thinkers, team players, tech enthusiasts, and detail-oriented and client-focused individuals, the events industry continues to evolve and thrive. As always, creating unforgettable experiences for audiences.  

The dedication and expertise of these professionals ensure that events are executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and setting new standards for the industry. With their combined efforts, the events industry continues to push boundaries, deliver unique experiences, and elevate the event production world to new heights.  

So, are you ready to plan your next event? We’re ready to help and look forward to connecting you with our diverse team of talented individuals. They are all passionate about driving event success for our clients.  


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